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00. INFO [Feb. 11th, 2019|08:30 pm]
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04. look what you've done [Mar. 10th, 2017|10:38 am]
[ooc: backdated to 2/28]

PS the Potters have no comment so stop asking you're all dicks

[Private: Order of Truth]
    Well, we got their attention. Fairchild's been to my mum's to try and woo her to his side of things and I think he succeeded. I'm just trying to convince me he's got me too so asking questions won't be so suspicious.
[Private: Scorpius]
    I'm surprised I feel a bit better now that it's all out in the open, even if it's not the way I'd have chosen, even if most people don't believe it.
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03. that's what they used to yell [Feb. 23rd, 2017|09:49 pm]
The floor of the DMLE is still soggy. It's starting to smell.

[Private: Order of Truth]
    Now that I'm not chasing stupid assignments that the MLEP should have taken care of, I think we should write a manifesto of sorts. All everyone talked about was proof and whatever, so we should write something, shouldn't we? If they're too dumb or blind to see the truth, we need to spoon feed it to them.
[Private: Chaz]
    You prob When's your next show anyway?
[Private: Aggie]
    Hey maybe don't fight my cousin next time?
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02. brace yourself [Feb. 5th, 2017|07:03 pm]
[Private: Aggie, Ivy]
    Meeting, my house. ASAP. We need to do something about this goblin rubbish.
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01. don't make any sudden moves [Feb. 1st, 2017|07:42 pm]

Why would anyone protest partnering with goblins to secure what's left our money and economy?

[Private: Aggie]
    Of course they'd make it about something completely fucking ridiculous. I'm so angry.
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